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Were you

diagnosed with cancer?

Are you concerned about surgery, chemo, radiation, etc? How is your mental and emotional well-being as you go through the process?

Grab the I Am More Than A Conqueror Affirmation Journal and the Thrive During Cancer Treatment Coloring book, and let me show you how to

  • Stay positive,
  • Encouraged and
  • Supported.

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As a healthcare provider, I see the emotional and physical toll of cancer diagnoses and treatment. Varying factors distinguish one patient from the next but they all exhibit the gamut of emotions. As someone who finds writing to be therapeutic, I like that this journal prompts the individual to start their entry with morning intentions acknowledging what they are grateful for followed by goals for the day. It uplifts the spirit and hopefully that positive start will sustain them throughout the day.

- Margaret

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"This book is truly moving and inspirational. It was written to provide comfort, reassurance, and affirmation to women undergoing cancer treatment by a woman who is currently undergoing this treatment herself. It is concise and moving, inspiring and fun. I would recommend it for any woman who is going through a similar challenge."

- Daniah

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"It’s during times of difficulty and trials we seek after encouragement and inspirational moments from those that have gone through similar situations. I AM MORE THAN A CONQUEROR delivers those encouraging words and also provides the opportunities for you to document your own thoughts, prayers and desires to the Lord!! Fantastic work by the author!"


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About the author

Sonja Sulcer is a wife, a mom, a creative thinker, and an innovation strategist. She is passionate about coaching individuals to think creatively to maximize their potential regardless of the circumstances they find themselves in. She has developed innovation and entrepreneurship training programs at Stanford University for an international audience. In 2021, she was featured by Apple for Black History Month for her Encourage Her app, which showcases quotes authored by women of color.

While going through chemotherapy in 2022, Sonja created the journal and later the coloring book to serve as a source of encouragement for herself and others. The books are resources to support women battling the emotional, mental, and physical effects of a cancer diagnosis and treatment. The journal recently ranked in the top 50 cancer books on Amazon.

Sonja has been featured by

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Grab a set of free affirmation cards to help you or someone you know to stay positive during cancer treatment.